Meet The New Teachers

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Meet The New Teachers

Greysen Simmons, Writer

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This year Oakdale High School has five new teachers as well as a new School Resource Officer. Our school hopes to make them feel as welcome as possible. Sometimes it can be hard to get to know these teachers and new staff members, and some may need a little help to get to know them.


Mr. Benjamin Zamostny is one new teacher here who handles all music classes with the exception of guitar. When asked if he had any number-one grade or class yet, he answered that everyone is equal in his eyes but everyone has their own “sense” to them. One of his favorite bands is Metallica, but in addition he also likes Disturbed and Marilyn Manson.


When asked about other “favorites”, he said his favorite color is a shade of black that can be described as “as dark as the black of the depths of my soul.”  He claims he likes it best because it matches everything except for blue.


In his free time Mr. Zamostny creates Indian beadworks and works with a loom.


Mrs. Elizabeth Mulcahy is a special education teacher who helps other students with their general education. She is also a co-teacher in Mrs. Terry Kenny’s room and Mrs. Karen  Haughwout’s room during the day. She recently came from teaching middle school classes so she enjoys being around the more mature kids including the freshmen who she believes are definitely mature enough to be here.


Her favorite color is green in many different shades and hues. Some of her favorite bands are The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Brown Sugar.


Outside of school she enjoys reading and babysitting her grandchildren.


Mrs. Jennifer Przybocki teaches Reading Writing Workshop. Her favorite students are ninth and tenth graders because the ninth graders are new and are still figuring things out, and the tenth graders are already somewhat acclimated to the school.


She shared that her favorite color is green for its “earthy feel” but the best shades are lime and avocado green. One of Mrs. Przybocki’s favorite bands is Dave Matthews. Outside of school she enjoys knitting, reading, and yard work. In her yard she has a small vegetable garden where she is currently trying to grow some tomatoes.


Her favorite time of the school day is the beginning because it is calm and quiet. She wishes her students knew that she has “two neurotic dogs” that she absolutely adores.


Mrs. Jennifer Morgenthaler teaches Biology, Algebra 1, and Geometry.She stated that she loves the diversity between her classes and students.


Her personal theme song is “Walking on Sunshine” by “Katrina and The Waves” although she also likes “Unanswered prayers” by Garth Brooks due to personal significance.


When not in school she enjoys scrapbooking; because of her busy schedule her outside activities are limited.


Mrs. Courtney Grissen is a math teacher who covers Geometry and intermediate algebra, with the latter being her preferred class to teach because she loves the subject.


A singer she likes is Chris Tomlin and she thinks one of his best songs is “Good Good Father”. Her hobbies include drawing and painting.


A fun fact about Mrs.Grissen is that she did gymnastics her entire life. In addition she absolutely loves her dog which is a lab and pointer mix.


Deputy (First Class) Tim Calimer is Oakdale’s new School Resource Officer. His duties here at school are to be a counselor, mediator, and enforcer. Sometimes he believes it may be hard for students to talk to him because of the uniform, but they should remember he’s a joker just like all of us.


In his free time he is a youth soccer coach and he enjoys participating in fantasy football. His favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Currently he is working on growing a vegetable garden. His favorite time of day is when classes exchange because he gets to see all of the students and their interactions in the halls. His favorite song is Sound of Silence by Disturbed.


In this upcoming year we are very excited to get to know all of the new members of the Oakdale family and we hope they are excited to meet us too. It will be an interesting journey for not only the teachers but their new upcoming students as well.