The Growler Cafe


Josephine Sasse, Photo Editor

The newest addition to the Growler Cafe is the Muffin Club. The Growler Cafe is Mr. Chuck Welch’s Cultures and Cuisines class for when they prepare food for outside events. The Muffin Club is a group within the class that offers muffins and coffee or tea once a week to the teachers at Oakdale to raise funds for the Cultures and Cuisines class.


Marleigh Beck is a member of the Muffin Club, she explained that,“every Thursday Mr. Welch makes muffins, coffee, and tea and I have to fill out order slips then my classmates run the orders to the teachers.” The Muffin Club is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to help the Cultures and Cuisines class while getting a quick and easy breakfast.   


Mr. Welch is trying to develop a logo for the Growler Cafe. He has recently opened a contest for his students to come up with a logo. Since no one has submitted any logo ideas yet, Mr. Welch is considering opening the contest up to the school. The winner of this competition will get the privilege of a muffin and tea or coffee once a week for a year.     


While the only program the Growler Cafe is partaking in right now is the Muffin Club, Mr. Welch has high hopes for expansion in the future. Next semester Mr.Welch’s Cultures and Cuisines 2 class will run a cafe on Fridays during lunch for teachers. The teachers can place their orders and the Cultures and Cuisines 2 class will serve and prepare lunch for them.     


Mr. Welch explained he originally started the Growler Cafe in the hope of teaching his students how to, “serve, deliver, and manage food preparation in many scenarios.” These skills are vital to master for students seeking a career in either food preparation or restaurant management positions.  


The Growler Cafe is a perfect opportunity for students to master the skills of food preparation and management. The Muffin Club is a convenient and easy opportunity for teachers to contribute to Mr. Welch’s class and to get a delicious homemade breakfast.