Why French Club and the Talent Show is Important


Olivia Winn

This is an image of a French flag that says French club OHS. The French talent is meant to show any special skills you have and to encourage students to take French.

Olivia Winn, Writer

The French club here at Oakdale High School is a club all about the French language and culture.  The club meets every other Wednesday of every month.  The French club has a variety of activities; watching French films, a French talent show, and a French fair for Oakdale Middle School. 


Madeline Gordy, a French student and member of French club at OHS, mentioned, “I really like it when we watch French films.”


The French talent show will be virtual because of the current situation.  The talent show is to encourage students to take French. “We want to give students a chance to show their talent online; we want more kids to take french, French is one of the most important languages,” said Quill. 


The talent show will have rules and regulations just like any other event.  


Since it is still early and the talent show has been fully planned out and announced, some of the rules and regulations still haven’t been decided.  


Quill stated to “Be on the lookout for the announcement around Christmas break.” 


Many talents can be performed, the thing that makes this talent show different from others is that your talent has to relate to French. Some talents that can be performed are cooking, art work, reciting poetry, dancing, and music.


Madame Quill mentioned, “It will be sometime in January, doing it through Flipgrid except for cooking.”


Anyone at OHS can perform in the talent show, you do not need to be in a French class or French club.  If you can’t speak French that’s ok you don’t need to. 


There are still no official prizes yet, but the plan is to talk to local french businesses and ask if they could donate gift certificates. 


Gordy is a part of French club because she likes the culture, the language, and because she plans to live somewhere where they speak French. She stated, “I’m really passionate about French, I really like Quebec, I started looking at colleges in Quebec; I thought French Club would be important.”


Gordy mentioned that she’s “finding out a lot of French culture based places.”  Not only can you learn more about French culture, you can also learn about the language.


The talent and French club can be very useful to you whether you take French or not.  Even if you don’t take French you could be part of the talent show and have a lot of fun.