Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story by Ryan Murphy becomes Netflix’s top streamed drama limited series this month.

Netflix’s “Dahmer” Review: Watch or Drop?

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022) is a biographical drama series about notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The series was created by writer Ryan Murphy. He is best known for writing and producing many television series such as American Horror Story and Glee. The series has 10 episodes with each episode being around 45-60 minutes long. The series follows the story from the perspective of Dahmer and his victims’ background.


Many viewers love the gruesome show, because of actor Evan Peters and his outstanding performance as Jeffrey Dahmer. Erin Flemington, a viewer of the show, states, “Evan Peters played the role extremely well, as to be expected.”


Georgia Lynch, an Oakdale junior, shares her opinion about the show: “The show was very good because it went in detail into what actually happened with Jeffery Dahamer and the victims.”


She adds, “It went into detail with all of the victims’ lives so that you could connect more with the victims.”


While the show has gained popularity over the month, it seems to be getting more attention. Ever since the show came out, many people have been romanticizing the serial killer. Many TikTok videos have portrayed the series in a romanticized way, to the extent that it is almost appalling. Through this, viewers have missed the initial message of the show, which was to bring attention to the brutality of Dahmer.


The show displays important details about how Dahmer almost got away with murdering 17 young men, mostly men of color. In the first half of the season, Dahmer’s behavior as a teenager and how it plays into his later life is developed. 


While the show is categorized as a thriller, it seems as if it is too gory to be on Netflix. The show had mixed opinions coming from viewers and critics. Cindy Ventura, a junior, states, “Yes and no, because it does make one’s point of view kind of questionable about the people we are around nowadays, but at the same time, it was a little too much to be made as a show.”


Lynch elaborates, “If you are interested in true crime then I think it is worth the watch. If you do not like gory stuff then I wouldn’t watch it.”


In the last few episodes, victims’ family members provide a victim impact statement. Many critics have praised the court scenes based on the emotional response it garnered from its viewers. Rita Isbell, sister of Errol Lindsey, a victim, gave a chilling, yet heart-wrenching testimony. During the trial, Isbell broke down and while being face to face with her brother’s murderer.


Ventura shares, “I was very shocked when I got to the episode of the court scene. The reactions of the victims’ families made me emotional. I teared up because of the emotions they were feeling and talking in front of everyone talking about how they missed the loved one they lost.” 


This chilling series deserved more attention towards the victims instead of mostly focusing on Dahmer. Even though the show’s storyline is well thought out, it failed to give the victims the remembrance that they deserved.

“Evan Peters played the role extremely well, as to be expected.”

— Erin Flemington

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