Music Department

There are a variety of classes offered in art, music, drama, and digital design to satisfy the Fine Art credit. Please email Ben Zamostny at [email protected] with any questions.

Courses include:

Band 1(Marching-Winds)

Band 2(Marching-Winds)

Band 3(Marching-Winds)

Band 4(Marching-Winds)

Instr. Chamber Ens 1(Marching-Percussion)

Instr. Chamber Ens 2(Marching-Percussion)

Instr. Chamber Ens 3(Marching-Percussion)

Instr. Chamber Ens 4(Marching-Percussion)


Band 1 (Concert)

Band 2 (Concert)

Band 3 (Concert)

Band 4 (Concert)

Jazz Ensamble

Concert Choir 1 Int Fall

Concert Choir 2 Int Fall

Concert Choir 3 Int Fall

Concert Choir 4 Int Fall

Vocal Ensamble 1 Adv* Spring

Vocal Ensamble 2 Adv* Spring

Vocal Ensamble 3 Adv* Spring

Vocal Ensamble 4 Adv* Spring

Show Choir

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Guitar 3

Guitar 4

Class Piano 1

Class Piano 2

Class Piano 3

Class Piano 4

March. Band Front 1(Color Guard)

March. Band Front 2

March. Band Front 3

March. Band Front 4

Music Theory

American Popular Music