1945-Present: Don’t Let Your Brain Go Cold!

1945-Present: Don’t Let Your Brain Go Cold!

by Ethan Clark

Are you interested in the Cold War? Maybe the Watergate Conspiracy? Looking for extra history coverage? Look no further than U.S. History 1945-Present!

This new elective covers all events following World War II until the present day. This includes in-depth detail on the Cold War, Watergate, the Civil Rights Movement, and much more. Not only for history buffs, this class is also very helpful for AP US History students, trying to refresh their memories on the content.

Pulling from a wide selection of interesting video documentaries, US 1945 – Present not only discusses political events but also pop culture. From Elvis Presley to Public Enemy, the course covers all content for all audiences.

Junior Andrew Murray, an AP US student, who is taking Mr. Nate Smarick’s 1945 – Present class says, “I’m taking this class because I took AP US in the fall, and I don’t want to forget all that information. Plus, I like the Cold War.”

Be sure to keep this interesting course in mind when thinking about electives to take.

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