Join FFA & Participate

by Mckenna Whelan


By McKenna Whelan


The Future Farmers of America Club (FFA) offers plentiful opportunities for everyone and anyone who wants to get a little bit involved in agriculture and/or leadership. FFA teaches mainly about animals, farms, horticulture and similar interests or activities. The FFA helps young people adapt to the knowledge of how to be an important part of society. In this environment, students can learn together, but they can also take the experience and use it to better themselves as an individual.

FFA member Senior McKenzie O’Rourke stated,“ I’m glad I joined the FFA because it looks good on college applications, and it makes you feel involved and connected.”

O’Rourke also goes on to say she got to meet a lot for people from different schools who have the same interests as her through FFA.

When a student joins FFA they have opportunities to go on field trips. Every year FFA offers a field trip to a leadership convention. At this field trip students can meet other FFA members from different schools; it’s a great way to get out of your shell and meet people and make friends. The FFA  teaches all about the components of leadership such as determination, teamwork, challenges, and overall personal growth.

Some of the activities included leadership conferences, FFA-specific conventions, contests that are oriented to career development, and fundraisers. For instance, in the fall, sold mums, while this past month they sold poinsettias, fruit, and cheesecake.

Another FFA member Tex Cheatham states “When I first transferred to Oakdale High, the FFA helped me find a place to belong and make friends”. Cheatham says it’s a good idea to join because it opens doors and you get to meet a lot of people.

Coming up in January, the FFA will go to the New Market Grange to present how Oakdale’s FFA contributes to the community. In the spring, the horticulture class will plant flowers, and they will grow lettuce through the hydroponic system. Both of which will be sold for a fundraisers as well as bulbs. 

In conclusion, the Oakdale High School FFA continues to grow, help, and benefit the community and school environment. New members are always appreciated, and anyone interested is encouraged to join!