Talk of Oakdale: Episode 2

Peyton Whyte and Alexia Parisi

Overview of Every Episode:

Every other week, Lexi Parisi and Peyton Whyte meet with other Oakdale students to discuss relevant topics. There is no specific genre to this podcast or no consistent topic, the focus is mainly on current events of what is going on at school and in their personal lives. Lexi and Peyton, along with their guests, hope to bring entertainment to the student body at Oakdale High School, while also providing information on various topics. This podcast provides an alternative to articles, where students can listen and relate to brief conversations of what is happening in and outside of school. They plan to cover topics such as sports, clubs, holidays, casual life, music, and more. 


Episode 2: 

On this episode Lexi and Peyton invite guests Nicole Akumatey and JoJo Hauptman to discuss music. The main focus was to dig deep into this year’s spotify wrapped. They covered topics such as top artists, top songs, most listened to songs, and more when discussing spotify wrapped. Other than spotify wrapped, more topics discussed include popular throwback songs, musical hot takes, fan bases and new music. Listen to find out Nicole’s opinions on Taylor Swift, and everyone’s thoughts on Drakes and 21 Savage’s new album, “Her Loss.” They reveal past phases they’ve gone through with what music they listen to, embarrassing song trends, and the timeline of hits over the years. Both guests had extremely different looking spotify’s and gave their insight to what music means to them. Nicole talked mostly about R&B, while JoJo is a more pop and indie listener. Nicole and Jojo were able to help share different perspectives on what trends they have experienced with music, and how these songs bring people together. Make sure you tune in next week to hear about the holiday season from a variety of different cultures.