Almost, Maine


By: Gabby Redpath

Thursday, May 21st, and Friday, May 22nd, the Oakdale Advanced Acting program put on a fantastic performance, Almost, Maine. Family and friends of students came together to view the show.

A free play was definitely a pleasant surprise for many Oakdale drama fans. The drama department has frequently put on plays that the community is more than willing to pay to see; the gift of a free show was one taken with gratitude by many.

The show was unique – not consisting of any leads. Each scene consisted of two or three characters with equal importance to the scene. This method of setting up the play allowed each actors’ skills to be recognized.

When asked about her experience watching the May 21st performance of the show, Junior Haley Schuman delightedly replied, “I didn’t know what to expect from ‘Almost, Maine’ but I was happy with how funny the play turned out to be.”

The romantic comedy, as drama instructor Mr. Mike Copen hoped, brought a great deal of laughter from the audience. Although the play incorporated romance, it was not a chick flick. Males and females both were able to laugh along with the stories featured in the play.

Almost, Maine is actually a real place in Maine. Although not officially a town, the area has a few citizens. The play showcases the lives of several fictional twenty-something year olds in the area.

Junior Johnny Alderman, who played Lendall in the production, reflected on the experience, “I had a lot of fun preparing for the play and finally performing it. It turned out better than I expected.”

Alderman is a devoted participant in the school’s drama department, and like the rest of our aspiring actors and actresses, took the play very seriously. They spent time during and after school rehearsing in order to be sure the play was perfect.

If the production wasn’t perfect, it was close to it. Every member of the cast performed their role fantastically – making for an incredibly enjoyable show.

Redpath, Gabby - Almost, Maine

Posters around the school advertised the upcoming play.