“Bad Blood” Music Video Review


by Emily Koogle


For the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has been giving her social media followers a little taste of her newest release: the “Bad Blood” music video where she plays as her alter ego, Catastrophe.

Swift’s video release came during the Billboard Music Awards, which should have been renamed the Taylor Swift Appreciation Night. Not only did Swift leave with eight awards, she also opened the show with the premiere of her video, which starred only some of the most powerful women in the entertainment world right now. Stars such as Jessica Alba, Ellen Pompeo, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, and Karlie Kloss all took part (along with many others) in this video of female strength. It was empowering to watch these ladies take over, honestly.

In the Tarantino style action, there was a lot of explosions and high-power fighting scenes, which is unusual for Swift in her delicate, more romantic videos and songs. This song is very driven and gives a bad name to whoever wronged her. It has been rumored that the song is mainly about her feud with other Hollywood songstress, Katy Perry, through interviews and fans overdrive to figure out every detail, but nothing has been confirmed. And, in Swift fashion (not so recently with ‘Style’ being named after 1D member, Harry Styles), there were no name drops to conclude it.

“It’s a very quality music video,” Senior Madison Schoonover comments, “I like how the guys in it are portrayed as weak, and it has a strong feministic vibe. It made me quiver a bit.”

With all of these A-list actresses, fashion models, and singers marching around with large machine guns and leather shorts, it’s hard to not be taken back by it, so much so that the plot can be missed.

There isn’t a lot of say about the video plot itself. There can be a lot of speculations about who it’s about, but all in all, there is one clear message that is portrayed through this video: Taylor Swift is, in fact, the most powerful woman in show business.

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcIy9NiNbmo