2022: A Year in Music


Marley Bahen

Sophomore Marley Bahen provides us a look into her 2022 Spotify Wrapped.

Marley Bahen and Nicole Akumatey

It’s time for the annual Spotify wrapped! Each year, Spotify users can view their top songs, genre diversity and the amount of time they have spent listening throughout the year. 


As the year draws to an end, users anticipate their wrapped. Spotify officially starts to collect data on January 1st and stops collecting data on October 31st, then releases the wrapped around the beginning of December.  


The wrapped tradition started in 2016, with users receiving an email every year with a personalized video revealing their music diversity for the year. Since then, Spotify has switched to their infamous story layout that can be shared by viewers. This year’s Wrapped dropped on November 31, the earliest users have had access to their Wrapped since its debut


On average, Spotify users listened to 50,000 hrs of music year long. Freshman Zaria Smith, reported that she had listened to “46,228” minutes on Spotify. Many internet users fear the effect that constantly listening to music has on others. 


This year, Spotify has added new features such as listening personality. Listening personality follows a Michael-Breyers type format to establish a personality for spotify users. Junior Amanda Rivera reported, “I was an Adventurer!”


One of spotify users favorite features of spotify wrapped is that it allows users to look back on how their music taste has changed throughout the years. Senior, Harsh Danayakl, stated, “I think 100% my taste has evolved. I have explored many different genres of music throughout high school and I have noticed that I don’t listen to the same stuff anymore that I used too. I didn’t really predict specifically that I was going to listen to a certain type of music but I knew the style of music I was listening to was going to change.” 


Overall, 2022 has been an amazing year for music. Some of the industry’s biggest artists dropped albums from Beyonce with Renaissance to Harry Styles with Harry’s House. Many experts believe that the coming year will be no different.