3 Ways to Discover Indie Musicians


by Rachel Rice

Radio stations always seem to play the same repetitive songs by the same artists over and over again. If a person were to listen to the same radio station for 20 minutes twice a week it wouldn’t be rare to hear the same song 3 times and the same artist 5 times (not to mention the same advertisements). Even if you are fortunate enough to come across a new song, chances are it will sound similar to one you’ve heard before. Music lovers (along with casual listeners) need a break from the monotony. Listening to indie music is the perfect way to relieve yourself of the mainstream music. Here to aid you in your quest are 3 ways to find indie music:

1.) Purevolume

This user-friendly artist database is reminiscent of Myspace’s peak popularity and coincidentally was created in the same year. If you’re experiencing Myspace layout nostalgia, this is definitely the site for you. This site allows artists to upload their own music and even add mp3 downloads, making it a goldmine for indie lovers. Like Myspace, it retains a social aspect, users can comment on each others profiles, interact with artists and add photos.

2.) Bandsintown

This mobile app is built to alert you when bands you like or are recommended to you announce tour dates in your area and link you to places to buy tickets. You enter your favorite artists and other recommended artists touring in the area show up on your home page. This app can also scan itunes to automatically enter the artists whose music is in your library.

3.) Itunes/Google Play

Itunes is an unexpected way to discover and obtain new music that doesn’t involve installing any new apps. Itunes and Google Play both offer free music downloads daily of both popular and indie genres. This is ideal for someone looking for music that is on the fringe of mainstream recognition but isn’t quite there yet.

Other than these options,there are plenty of other ways to discover obscure music, so if these fail to satisfy you there’s no fear necessary. Attending open mic events among other things can also help people looking for a change.