4-H Royalty Reigns Over the Fair


4-H Queen Alexis Thompson with Princess Laura Dutton after showing Dutton’s goat Rosaline.

Did you know that we have royalty at the Great Frederick Fair? Alexis Thompson, a junior at Oakdale High School, has spent the past week fulfilling her royal duties as 4-H queen.


To become queen, there is an intensive process. First, she had to write an essay about what she would accomplish as 4-H queen. Thompson’s primary goal was to inform people about the different 4-H clubs that the general public is not aware of by making informative pamphlets.


The next part of the process was an interview, where she was asked questions such as what her goals in 4-H were, how it changed her as a person, and what her favorite project has been. With natural charm, Thompson breezed through the interview.


The final stage was a fishbowl question. “I thought the fishbowl question was the most difficult part of the process. I had to go up on a stage, and answer a random question on the spot.” Thompson shared. “My question was about how 4-H is hands-on in general and for me. Basically, everything in 4-H is hands-on, whether it’s handling animals or arts and crafts.”


“I didn’t think that I was going to win,” she commented, “I was so surprised!” It was a very important moment in her life.


The purpose of the 4-H royalty is to spread agricultural awareness. Thompson’s duties include setting up booths to explain what they do with animals and explain their various clubs. She also attends the different shows throughout the week, and shows her own turkeys and alpacas.


“The most interesting show that I’ve seen so far would have to be the pig show. The people showing the pigs were impressive as they were able to control them without the use of harnesses, using only a whip.”


4-H princess Laura Dutton, a sophomore at Catoctin High School, added, “Agricultural education isn’t just crops and animals. It’s everything involving 4-H including arts and crafts. It also involves a lot of how our food is made.”


It is important for younger generations to have a voice in agriculture. Being 4-H queen gives an opportunity for youth to be heard and have a say. Thompson is a perfect example of this, having joined the 4-H club five years ago.


She revealed, “Joining was an important time in my life that helped me get out of my shell and become more social. I would not be where I am today if it hadn’t been for my experiences with 4-H.”


Be sure to congratulate any 4-H royalty you see walking around when you visit the Great Frederick Fair!