The Fall Play Returns to Oakdale High School After 8 Years


Aryaman Kantawala

Oakdale High School students are practicing for the upcoming Fall Play.

Eli Corridon-Crum, Writer

After 8 years, the fall play has returned to Oakdale High School. This year, the play is titled “That’s Not How I Remember It.” It’s a short, one act play about a wife and her husband, both retelling how they met. As the play progresses you start to realize both people have very different memories of their first encounter.  


The play took place on Thursday, November 10th, and Friday, November 11th.


All people who were involved in the play were very excited to show the audience what they had been working on the past couple of months. They had been rehearsing Monday through Thursday starting at 2:45, and going till as late as 5 as opening night got closer.


Director Michael Copen explains, “The experience has been absolutely fabulous!  I love this cast!  They are working so hard on making this the absolute best play they can!”


As the day of the play approached, multiple cast members mentioned how the amount of work and tone shifted and became more serious. 


“In the days leading up, everyone’s really excited but also serious during practice. no fooling around or anything, and the directors give a lot of notes during then. There’s always a rush of work to do and everyone’s busy,” junior Aryaman Kantawala, who plays an Indian exchange student, stated.

The play was open to everyone who had time after school, and even though not everyone in the play has had previous experience with theatre, they can’t wait to perform. Freshman Samantha Perry, who plays one of the mean girls, explains how her sister signed both of them up without telling her. 


When asked about how she  expected it would feel performing in front of everyone, Perry replied, “It’s a little terrifying because I have never done anything like this before and everyone else has or is in a theater class but mostly everyone’s really forgiving.”


However, from some of the scenes they’ve been in to the interactions they’ve had behind the scenes, being in the play has also been a great experience the actors explain. When asked about their favorite scenes both Perry and Kantawala answered with different scenes they found hilarious, and explained how they can’t wait for everyone to watch it.


The cast and crew was glad to be able to showcase what they’ve been working on for the past few months, and hoped everyone enjoyed their performances.