A Busy February With The Multicultural Club


Gwen Weeks

Banner hung by Oakdale’s Multicultural Club for Black History Month. 

Gwen Weeks, Writer


The Multicultural Club is a group of students who get together to share similar experiences within their cultures. The club advisors, Mrs. Judy McGraw and Mrs. Dorian Dixon, work together to run this club. The club, consisting of 34 students, is a space for students who are interested in learning about each other’s way of life and sharing their experience. During club time, the students immerse themselves in each other’s cultures. For example, students get together to do potlucks where they bring food relevant to their personal background.  


This February, Oakdale’s Multicultural Club came together to sell Candygrams for Valentines Day, each Candy Gram was sold for $3. They were  purchased from February 10 through February 14 in the cafeteria during all lunch shifts. When purchased, students can leave a personal note for the recipient. This year was the second year the club has sold Candygrams; expectantly Candygrams will be a tradition that continues at Oakdale. 


While selling the Candygrams, club members Ziyoda Isroilova, Mélina Khansari, and Milene explained where the money raised from the selling of Candygrams will go. The girls shared that the money goes towards a club field trip that takes place at the end of the school year. Ziyoda added that last year the club went to DC. The destination of this year’s field trip has not been chosen yet.


Expanding on the field trip, Mrs. McGraw explained how the club’s field trips are for fun and education outside of a school environment. She added that last year the club went to a museum in Washington DC. 


Students don’t only see eachother during set, they get together outside of school as well; which shows how a club can create new friendships. Mrs McGraw shared how students will, in addition to being inside of school, meet at each other’s houses participating in potlucks, which they coordinate who brings what food coming from their personal culture. 


In addition, the club involves themselves in out of school events; like how they go out and support the local community. Evan Cranmer, senior, hosted a fundraiser for Centro Hispano de Frederick for a service project at Terrace Lanes. Cranmer was able to raise $1,500.00 for Centro Hispano de Frederick.


Keep your eyes out for other opportunities to join one of Oakdale’s many clubs. Within a club, new bonds can be made over shared interests. Friendships made can continue into lifelong connections.