A Look Into Ceramics


Matthew Snyder

A Ceramics One Project

Matthew Snyder, Writer

Offered at High School, Ceramics is a fun course you can take if you like to create and sculpt. Students make fun and savorable projects they can enjoy at home, as well. There are different levels of Ceramics courses, and contrary to popular belief, it is not an easy and stress-free class; it requires time management and organization.


Hanna Snyder, freshman at Oakdale High School, advises to future students, “You have to manage your time well and just have fun.¨ 


Ceramics fulfills the necessary art credit needed to graduate. Students interested in a career in the arts usually take upper level ceramics courses as well.


Like all other classes, the higher the classes go, the more difficult it becomes. Ceramics 2 features a project where students have to sculpt and add details of a realistic animal head.. Connor Mcfarland, Junior at Oakdale who went up to Ceramics 2, explains,¨The hardest thing was to sculpt realistic animal faces because of all the details and sculptures.¨ 


Ceramics 1 involves a lot of fun projects students can create. Junior Madison Snyder, recalls how she ¨made a mask, a vase that looks like a monkey, a house, and a mandala. My favorite part about ceramics is having the ability to be creative and pick my project and do whatever I want”.


Ceramics provides room for lots of freedom for most of the projects. However, courses after Ceramics 1 are more restricted and have more requirements for projects. 


The materials used in any Ceramics course are clay and different types of tools used to shape and add detail.. In the class, students learn about all the different materials. 


Also, Ceramics 1 might come with the opportunity to use the pottery wheel. Students  learn in Ceramics how to clean up after working, and how to properly store projects over an amount of time so it does not dry out.


Overall, Ceramics is a great course to take, whether in need of an art credit, or simply out of interest in sculpting with clay. Signing up is the only way to know it peaks a student’s, and if they do end up liking it, they can sign up for higher leveled ceramics courses.