A Swing at High School Softball 


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Oakdale High schools Softball field.

Matthew Snyder

There are lots of good qualities that are built up when the girls are on the softball team. They learn how to be a better teammate, they build up self confidence when they play, and how to be persistent when it comes to the Oakdale softball. 


Kaleah Wetherholt, a junior at Oakdale stated, ¨A good softball player is a team player and knows how to help their teammates and also knows  their teammates will help them. On defense, a good player thinks about every play possible before the ball is hit. On offense a good softball player is patient for the right pitch and uses all of their body to help them get power.¨


There is a lot of quick thinking and going through a lot of strategies when playing for Oakdale’s softball team. 


Wetherholt also claimed, ¨My favorite thing about softball is the relationships and trust I build with my teammates.¨


Trust is one of the most important things. Playing with teammates and assisting each other during games is the center of the sport. It’s  important to learn how everyone plays and how their style is unique to benefit not only the player but others during a game.


Peyton Wetherholt, Junior at Oakdale asserted, “For two hours we stretch and throw, then we practice our in fielding and hitting, the pitchers and catchers practice as well.”


Softball practices are for improving the teams plays and how they all play overall. Also the practices add to the exercise to gain long term health benefits from playing. 


Peyton also claims,  “Music prepares me for a game and my teammates get me ready before a game. I do get a little nervous before a game but once it starts I feel better.”


The thrill before a game is definitely there but it seems to disappear with support of your peers and other activities. 


Overall, Oakdale softball is getting started back up. They play intense and entertaining games!


Photo caption: Oakdale High schools Softball field.

Photo credit: Oakdale high schools softball twitter