After The Test


By: Gabby Redpath

“I’m so jealous! You get to spend the rest of the year doing nothing!” Said Junior Haley Schuman. Like many other students not enrolled in AP courses, Schuman misunderstands what AP students do after the tests. School remains in session for a month following AP tests – AP students use this month to continue furthering their education.

Ms. Alexia Isacco explained that teachers only gain  access to their students’ AP scores in early July. Teachers need to use other methods to come up with final grades for their classes.

In AP Language and Composition, Ms. Jennifer Cole is pushing her students harder than ever now that the test is out of the way. They’re currently working on a seven to eight page research papers that will serve as their class finals. Even the seniors, approaching the end of their high school careers, are required to complete the paper.

Mr. Jerry Walker also continues to challenge his AP Calculus AB students. He is pressing on through Calculus material – teaching chapters beyond what was tested. The material is taught at a more laid back pace and homework is worked on in class, but nonetheless learning is still taking place.

“I’m so excited for the rest of AP Biology!” Said Junior Emily Jerez. In AP Biology, they will begin dissecting a cat. They will continue learning about anatomy through this hands on method.

“I love how much group work Ms. Smith is giving us!” Said Sophomore Jessica Smith.

Like Jerez, Smith is excited for the remainder of the year. Ms. Lissa Smith’s AP World class works on projects after the AP exam, both in groups and individually.

Projects seem to be a trend in post-test AP classes. Students in AP Spanish with Ms. Bethany Brown and AP Calculus AB BC with Mr. Mike Gough are also pursuing projects. Projects are a great way to continue learning but still have some fun.

Redpath, Gabby - AP

All in all, AP classes require a lot of hard work and dedication – even after the test. The higher level material taught can be difficult to learn, but leaves room for some enjoyable educational activities after the test.