All Time Low New Album


Elizabeth Verbeten, Writer

All Time Low, a popular band from Baltimore, is releasing a new album to the happiness of all their fans. The new album, The Last Young Renegade, is set to drop on June 2nd. This is the band’s first album with “Fueled By Ramen”, a large record label owned by Warner Music Group, who the band announced their signing with on February 17th. All Time Low was previously signed with Hopeless Records, with whom they released the albums, So Wrong, It’s Right; Nothing Personal; Dirty Work; Don’t Panic; and Future Hearts.

The band’s frontman, Alex Gaskarth, recently posted on Instagram a picture of the album cover. The cover is artwork of a teenager marching with battle ready expression against a background of many objects; including waves, a dragon, red-head women, car, text bubble, doves, and various bottles. Underneath was a  caption that explained the premise and the creation of the new album.

The frontman stated that for this album he had done some self reflection, by trying to imagine writing about himself if he was someone else. Gaskarth opens by asking who the Last Young Renegade is, and explaining that the album was taking the other sides of him a persona and name. He then went on to explain his attempts at new perspectives that had led to the album, including how that style of looking at himself allowed him to “confront demons without having to sit down at the dinner table with them.”

So far the tracks released for the album have seemed to be speaking to someone, yet still showing the self realization of the band. The songs are clearly an interaction; the beginning of a conversation that the audience can continue and respond to.

Freshman Ananya Patri has listened to two of the tracks released, and is very excited for the new album, “I like most of their songs and they’re really good, so I’m really excited,” Patri concluded, grinning ear to ear.

Freshman Corey Rice is also excited although she has not yet heard any of the released tracks, “I’m pretty excited for it, I just hope that their style hasn’t changed too much from their last album,” Rice confided.

The band considers The Last Young Renegade to be a continuation of the new direction that Don’t Panic set them on, and Future Hearts kept rolling. To the band Don’t Panic was the first album for a newer, more realised version of All Time Low. Future Hearts helped the band ‘push the envelope’ and was a chance to try to expand their sound and grow.

The new album was written without deadlines, allowing the band to create the record on a more self-driven level. This facilitated the nostalgic approach that was taken for the album in trying out different moods and feelings, letting the band travel  on several occasions to ranches in Big Bear and Palm Springs California for weeks at a time, and focus solely on the music.

So far the band has released the tracks, Dirty Laundry, The Last Young Renegade, and Life of the Party. With the opening track The Last Young Renegade out, fans can begin to imagine to the story the album will create, along with the characters that will live it.


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