Anyone Could Be A Leader

Sage Wann, Writer

The Leadership class here at Oakdale is run by Mrs. Jennifer Byrne and is a way to encourage students to take control and help out in and around their community. In the class, students learn about management and how to take control of a group of people, accomplishing a goal in the end.


They also learn about philosophies of leadership from different authors and try to get a more “out there” look and perspective on how things could be done. The students then apply these philosophies to projects that can end up donating to charity and helping out in the community.


Projects are created, approved, and then started with the help of a mentor. Small goals are developed throughout the process and achieved when it is over.


Amanda Wilburn, a senior at Oakdale, is in the leadership class. She held a kids craft night, and claims that it was a great way for kids to express their creative outlet at a young age.


“[By] choosing something you could make, to up self-esteem and self-expression,” Wilburn explained why she chose this as her project for the kids to participate in a craft night


“The project I had was a run to raise money for charity,” Kyle Wolfe, another senior in the class explained.Wolfe’s project completed his goal of raising money through a run. Wolfe and Wilburn both successfully completed their projects and their goals by the end.


Leadership is a class that lets anyone become a leader; it gives you the skills and resources you’ll need to speak out in class and in your community. Next time the opportunity comes up, think about applying for the leadership class to learn, bettering yourself and the community!