Arctic Monkeys Releases Their Seventh Studio Album Titled “The Car”


Arctic Monkeys

The album cover for The Arctic Monkeys seventh studio album “The Car”.

Marley Bahen, Writer

The English rock band, “The Arctic Monkeys” released their seventh studio album on October 21st, 2022. The album includes 10 tracks and lasts 37 minutes and 28 seconds. The band is infamously known for their songs “505” and “I Wanna Be Yours.”


While this album is very different from their previous albums, the songs consist of many melodramatic tones. The themes of love and regret come up in multiple songs, yet they are still able to impact listeners positively.


Many were excited for the opening track, “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” and it did not disappoint. A Junior at Oakdale High School, Cole Scott, expressed how it was one of his favorite songs on the album: “Pretty much all of the lyrics in “There’d better Be A mirrorball” speak out to me.” 


The most discussed feature of their album was how different it was from their other albums and the range of emotions displayed. Sophomore, Mckenzie Eacho, commented, “I like the range of tone and speed.” 


Scott also shared, “It’s different to their old music style but they’re the type of band that can play any genre and get away with it sounding great.”


Another amazing song from the album, “Body Paint” shares many metaphors on the lead singer Alex Turner’s experience. One very memorable line, “And if you’re thinking of me I’m probably thinking of you,” is an ode to his lover and the trajectory of his relationship with her.


With the mood changing through just about every song and the band’s style of music from their previous albums, it moved them in a positive direction. They received amazing reviews from listeners and have gained even more popularity on the song “There’d Better be a Mirrorball.” 


While Arctic Monkeys have just finished their 2022 live tour, the band is hosting their North American Tour in 2023 during August all the way through October. The band originally thought they wouldn’t need as many dates, but have since added several, so more fans can come watch them live.