Army Truck Visits Oakdale

Josephine Sasse, Photo Editor

The highlight of the lunch shifts on Thursday, October 4, was the Army truck that visited Oakdale.


Army trucks go to schools and events around America teaching students about the advantages of the Army. Sergeant Jesse Caffarelli explained, there are “many college benefits”.


After joining there are two options: either going into active duty, or the Army reserves. By going into active duty the person will go right into serving in the Army after high school. By joining the reserves,they have to attend basic training AIT (Advanced individual Training) and one week of the month go to Drill Weekend explained Sergeant Caffarelli. Since people in the reserves attend drill and are in school full time the Army pays their tuition and other expenses.


In the truck there were several stations with virtual reality glasses and a helicopter flight simulation, as well as Army officers who educated students on the ways the Army can play a role in their lives and education after graduation.


There were two simulations offered by the virtual reality glasses. One was a ride on a roller coaster and the other was a live action horror movie experience.


The horror simulation was more thrilling than the roller coaster ride. While wearing the virtual reality glasses the person was transported to a bed in a child’s room where they were stalked by a gremlin. This gremlin ran to various hiding places around the room, threw books, and jumped out at you.


Some Army officers like Sergeant Caffarelli, will be at the tailgate parties before football games. Officers will have goods to give out like water, gatorade and other merchandise, as well as more information about the Army. Caffarelli jokingly added that all he cares about is that, “no one hits his truck with a football.”


The Army truck was a fun and interactive way to get students interesting in joining the military, as well as to offer a chance to speak with Army recruiting officers about the benefits of joining the Army. It also provided an opportunity for students to use virtual reality and flight simulations which many have not experienced before.