Artist of the Month: Jessie Smith


Sydney Carper, Writer

Senior Jessie Smith has been chosen for Artist of the Month, for her exemplary performance in art of several mediums, including clay and paint.


Smith grew up in a family of artists but didn’t take interest in it herself until her senior year. She explained her interest in art began when she took ceramics last semester: “I realized I wanted to do this when I’m older, I really liked it, and it came naturally to me”.


During her time here at Oakdale, she has taken Drawing and Painting 1, Ceramics 1, and is currently in Drawing and Painting 2 and Ceramics 2. She also interns throughout the Art Department.


Smith revealed that her favorite piece she made is a ceramic beer stein. It has a skull and bone design that also incorporates nature/natural shapes.


However, Smith admits she dislikes that art is sometimes frustrating and can be very competitive. She added, “There is lots of pressure if you’re considered good at art, for everything you make to be good, but everyone has off days.”


On the other hand, she really loves “the act of creating something out of nothing. There are no limits [in art]. If you want to do something, you can, which is really cool”.

Art teacher Bill Bingman has taught Smith twice. He revealed she has a good work ethic and meets his expectations. When asked about his criticism of Smith, Bingman explained, “Overthinking is the big one. It hinders her art”. Although Smith may have trouble meeting deadlines, Bingman seems pleased with the work she puts forth.


It is clear that Smith is passionate and dedicated to art as she has frequently come to work on her art projects during SET, and continues her commitment out of school too.
Smith will be attending University of Colorado Boulder in the fall and plans to major or double major in art. It is no secret that artists of all kinds don’t get enough recognition or support from schools (and society), so make sure to wish her luck on her endeavors and appreciate the art in your life!