Aston Martins Path to High Speed Hypercars


The Aston Martin Valhalla and Valkyrie

Ehsan Heydari, Editor

The new Aston Martin Valhalla and Valkyrie are the British brand’s one-two punch of hypercars. The two new cars are said to be Aston Martin’s fastest vehicles yet; the Valkyrie being the bigger and faster brother of the two.


Aston Martin, a well known car company, is not known for making such high speed vehicles like the Valkyrie and the Valhalla. Aston Martin has been a company that has always focused on not only speed, but comfort as well, so it is unusual to see Aston Martin go so far as to make hypercars. 


Sepehr Ghasempour, car enthusiast, explains that he “thinks it’s fine to see such a car from Aston Martin. I mean, they’re not restricted from building new stuff, so why should we be mad. And what’s more, the two cars are beautiful!” 


Julian Brooks, a senior at Oakdale, seems to think the new development was necessary to the growth of the brand. “Well over being a mainly luxury brand, they also have extreme sports cars and recent heritage, so I would assume that they would have to do something like that.”


Aston Martin is only making 500 Valhallas, making them not only extremely rare, but also extremely valuable.While the automaker isn’t publicly discussing the price, the starting figure is reportedly £875,000 ($1.1 million at current exchange rates). The first owners allegedly get to experience the supercar by 2021. 


But would there be any customers for the two brother hypercars? Brooks seems to think so; “It’s like one of those high tier brands,” he confides,  confident that Aston Martin would be able to sell its 500 brand new hypercars. 


Ghasempour was also confident that the two hypercars would sell out from the fame of the brand itself. “Of course [the cars will sell]! It’s Aston Martin! I’m sure they wouldn’t have any trouble selling their new cool cars, especially since people trust the long running brand.”


In conclusion, the two brother hypercars are surrounded by a lot of controversy by being the first step down a path that Aston Martin has not gone down before. But they certainly have proven that they are worthy amongst car enthusiasts.