Atypical Season 3: Was it a let down?

Casey Gardner hugs her brother Sam Gardner in a moment of stress, showing their close bond despite how much she picks on him.

Netflix USA

Casey Gardner hugs her brother Sam Gardner in a moment of stress, showing their close bond despite how much she picks on him.

Zoe Lachewitz

The Netflix original series Atypical released a new season on November 1st, containing 10 episodes. 


This series follows an 18-year-old autistic boy named Sam Gardner who wants to get a girlfriend; his therapist said it would be good for him. 


Kailey Merrell, a sophomore at Oakdale, explains, “It’s a really cool view of how it is having autism or having a family member with autism.”


He is trying to become more independent and do things on his own without help from his family. The first season follows that closely and also how this all affects his family. 


In season two, Sam is now preparing for graduation while his parents are in disputes over his mother cheating. His sister, Casey, is also starting at a new school, which makes it much harder for Sam at school. This season follows the struggles of their family but how important sticking together can be. 


 At the end, Sam confesses his love for his girlfriend, which causes distress for her because they had been broken up before. I think the last moment is very wholesome, and leaves for a great place to pick up in the next season.


Season three brings all the drama to the table and helps to develop the story of every character further. 


Sam starts college after getting back together with Paige, and he struggles in some of his classes so he signs up for services after battling with Elsa against it. She invades way too much, and it bugs me a lot. 


Doug and Elsa were trying to fix their relationship with therapy, but it ended in Elsa wanted to separate because she says she just can’t do it anymore. That was unfair, because Elsa was the one who lied and cheated. They end up sleeping together again after Doug had been sleeping in the sunroom. From there, it is a mystery if they will separate in season 4.


Casey explores her relationship with Izzie which ends in her breaking up with her boyfriend Evan. Her emotions affect her running, which her coach notices. 


I think she is almost the perfect representation of a teenager in how she handles things. Her coach also tells her that UCLA is looking at her which means she has to give up lots of things and dedicate herself to track, which gets left on a cliffhanger from there. 


After Sam and Zahid get in a fight about Gretchen, Zahids new girlfriend, Zahid claims Sam and him are not friends anymore, and decides to elope. Sam ends up saving him because he promised Zahid he would not break the promise he made about not failing nursing school. They had a sappy moment and became friends again. This was probably my favorite moment, because it proves that friendship prevails over everything.


Overall, I would say that season three was not a let down. With something going on in every episode, it left me hanging on the edge of my seat. I would laugh, tear up, and almost yell at my screen sometimes. 


Connor Staat, a junior at Oakdale doesn’t share the same opinion. He shares, “It was definitely not as good as the first two.” 


Every character, no matter how minor, developed their storyline well with everything they went through as well. I think it set up well to add an additional season, which I would be very excited to see.