Bears Get Wacky


Oakdale Seniors Amber Underwood, Olivia Sothoron, Sarah Case, and Jess Smith pose before school in their wacky tacky gear.

Olivia Sothoron, Writer

By Olivia Sothoron

Students all over Oakdale High School expressed their creative personalities from October 9th to October 13th in order to get pumped up for their upcoming Pep Rally, Homecoming Football Game, and Homecoming Dance.


Each day, students and staff dressed in themes in excitement of all of the activities at the end of the week. This year, the Spirit Days where America Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Wacky Tacky Wednesday, Circle of Life Thursday, and Class Colors Friday.


Ms. Elizabeth Mulcahy, Spanish and ASL teacher as well as co-advisor with Mrs. Jessica Miller to the Student Government Association at OHS, explained how the different Spirit days are chosen.: “SGA officers come up with the list of ten ideas, they then take that list to the meeting and then SGA members vote on their four favorites.” SGA members only vote on four Spirit days because the fifth day is always Class Colors Friday for the Pep Rally.


Many students enjoy the fun and crazy outfits that they are able to wear because of Spirit Week.

Senior Jennifer Murray participated in each day. Ms. Mulcahy also participated in each day.


“I always participate in Spirit Week because it shows the staff that we can still have fun and be professional, but support the kids (and you get to wear jeans all week),” claimed Ms. Mulcahy.


With the different days, it is crucial that students dig deep into their creative roots for ideas of their unique outfits. Murray explained that she made a shopping trip to Goodwill to help her finalize her outfits, but she also used things that she already owned: “Wacky Tacky day is always my absolute favorite because I have a wacky personality and I get to showcase that through my outfit, but this year Circle of Life Tuesday was a close second because my costume was absolutely amazing!”


Popular days such as Wacky Tacky Day, Tourist Day, and America Day are used as a part of Spirit Week almost every year.


However, in past years, Oakdale has had different days. Murray explained that instead of America day, she would like to change it up and have Maryland day because “Marylanders are notorious for going over the top and wearing clothes with the Maryland flag all over it.  I don’t think any other state can say they wear their flag as much as we do in Maryland and so I think it would be fun to showcase that part of Maryland culture.”


Ms. Mulcahy stated that she really enjoys Decade Day and Pajama Day.


There are always new ideas for future Spirit Days. Some of the suggestions for these new days include: Cartoon Day (dressing as a favorite cartoon character), Pajama Day, Disney Character Day, Superhero Day, Charity Day (e.g., wear pink for breast cancer awareness),  Duo day (like twin day but opposite so people could do salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, etc.), Western Day, and Activity day (athletes wear their jerseys, people in the drama department wear shirt from previous plays, band members wear band apparel, etc.).


Murray claimed, “Yes I absolutely think is is a fun and exciting way to get people pumped for the pep rally, the homecoming game, and the actual dance!  Any reason to dress up all silly and really go all out is a good reason!”


Ms. Mulcahy and Mrs. Miller work vigorously throughout the year to plan for Spirit Week and Homecoming. Ms. Mulcahy stated that planning starts as early as the Spring where they have students vote on the theme for the next year’s Homecoming Dance.

If you are ever visiting the Bear Den and you see everyone in crazy outfits, it is probably safe to assume that it is Spirit Week!