Book Club


Alle Aruta

The nonfiction section of the Oakdale High School library

Alle Aruta

Book Club at Oakdale High School deserves to be talked about. They cover a plethora of genres and topics to help round students and open their minds to new ideas and points of view. The nonfiction section of the Oakdale High School library


Mrs. Renate Owens and Mrs. Amy Murdoch, Media Center specialists, are in charge of the club and meetings, which take place once a month in the library. All classes participate and everyone is welcome to join, talk about books, and engage in free conversation. 


Owens explains; “We do also like to push those, too, because that’s mostly getting people out of their comfort zone, reading the young adult and adult.” Learning which authors, point of views, topics, and themes they prefer to read about is a big part of Book Club. 


One of the most popular genres among the readers is fantasy. One of the reasons fiction stories are popular with younger ages is because the characters are so relatable to younger generations, and they represent what many teenagers want to be or what they want their lives to look like. 


Mollie Howard, Senior and Book Club leader, came to Oakdale High in her junior year and was finding it difficult to find friends. Her counselor, Mrs. Tara Ketteringham, recommended Book Club to make friends and connect with people that shared her love of reading.


When asked whom the most influential author the club has covered is, Howard answers; “Sarah J Maas; she taught me things that have helped make me the person I am today.” Sarah J Maas is a YA fantasy author, writing the very popular novel, A Court of Thorns and Roses


Book Club has different snacks every meeting, in thanks to the students. There are also different books to choose from for the following month. 


The club was responsible for the Neal Shusterman visit this year on February 20, and will be responsible for many author visits in the years to come. Students become aware of the world through reading different works by different people, making Book Club a worthwhile experience.