Calling All Journalists

Calling All Journalists

Justin Friday

The second semester is quickly approaching, and with it a whole array of classes that can only be taken in the second half of the year. One such class is Journalism. As you are reading the Paw Print right now, the concept should be a little familiar. Students in Journalism class get to write original articles for the Oakdale’s online news source.

Students work at their own pace, pumping out articles weekly and receiving ample time to do research, converse with other students and perform interviews. Oakdale journalists get a unique opportunity to voice their opinions to an extent and inform their fellow students.

“Journalism is a class that encompasses a lot of different curricula: photography, reading, writing, current events, sports, science, whatever you want to make of it comes up,” says journalism teacher Alexia Isacco who has painstakingly maintained this class for three years.

“[There’s] lot’s of stuff,” she continued in the interview.

Journalism student Kaleb Fullbright responds, “It is a great program. You get a lot of freedom and it’s a lot of fun!”

You get a chance to work alongside your fellow students and learn about your classmates as you discover your own journalistic style. You will not regret fitting journalism into your spring semester schedule. As a matter of fact you’ll be glad you did!

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