Candy Canes – How Many Flavors Should There be?

Grant Robley, Editor

Candy canes are one of the most famous candies in the world, being the most famous Christmas candy, but how many flavors of candy canes should there be? A new mac and cheese flavor of candy canes has come out. There should not be any other flavor besides the original flavor of peppermint.


Making a mac and cheese flavored candy cane not only disrespects candy canes, but also disrespects mac and cheese.


There can only be a few acceptable candy cane flavors. Chocolate Mint, Starburst and peppermint. There are some other flavors of candy canes that should not exist that disrespect candy canes, such as; Pickles, Bacon, Wasabi, Molasses, Sriracha, Gravy, and Pumpkin Pie.


Pumpkin Pie flavored Candy Canes make no sense. Why make one of the best pies ever a candy cane? Not only does it disrespect candy canes, but it also disrespects Pumpkin Pie.


Samantha Schoeman, a sophomore at Oakdale High School, and offered her opinion on the new flavors of candy canes coming out. She stated, “The new flavors of candy canes are gross because candy canes only represent Christmas not basic foods.”


Samantha Mogar, a sophomore at Oakdale High School, responded about her opinion on the weird flavors of candy canes: “ I would try bacon or mac and cheese, I really like bacon or mac and cheese so i’d give them a try and I don’t think they would taste bad.”.


She also states, “I do not think the new flavors disrespect candy canes, as it’s a way for companies to give people new flavors to try and allow people to try their favorite foods in everyone’s favorite christmas candy.”.


Weird candy cane flavors have started popping out in the past couple years, and might end up becoming a new favorite treat for family across the world.