Christmas Tree Drought


Greysen Simmons, Writer

The Christmas tree has become an icon in households across the world. For people who are Christian, and even people who aren’t religious at all, they are a holiday staple. However, there is a shortage in America right now due to the recession.


In 2007, the U.S. entered a recession, or a dip in the value of the economy. Because of this, most tree farmers had to cut back on the amount of trees they planted. Tree farming is typically a more costly form of farming. The trees have to take up much more space that could be used for other crops, and they take much longer to mature.


Now, around ten years later, many people are feeling the effects of these cuts. Prices this year for live trees will be much higher and they will be harder to find.


In addition, several natural phenomena are making them nearly impossible to find in some areas. Wildfires in California and droughts in Alabama have destroyed many of their local farms. To go and retrieve a tree, they will have to drive even farther.


One senior, Brynn Halsey, explains that her family typically uses a live Christmas tree during the holiday season. They always go and pick one out. She expresses that, “It’s a fun experience to cut it down together” and her family has been going for several years now.


Sophomore David Klos’ family also uses live trees and enjoys them for the “good smell and Christmas spirit they bring.” They recently have adopted a dog and are a little anxious for how she could treat the tree they will be getting, not wanting her to damage such an expensive item.


Brynah Hollingshead, a junior, has been noted to be a “Christmas enthusiast” by friends. She usually has two live trees and two fake trees. She claims, “I would be really sad without a tree, they make the house smell different and if I didn’t have a tree in my house, it wouldn’t be Christmas.”


Nevertheless, there are always alternatives for families that won’t be able to afford the luxury of a Christmas tree this year.


Several people have taken to hanging car deodorizers or decorating pineapples this year instead. They are both small and cheaper options, that take a lot less effort and can still be just as effective in bringing the family together in holiday cheer.


However, together the people will find a way, such as the famed Whos of Whoville, to make the holidays bright for those with a wish for trees.