Comply With Mr. Frey


By Brian Herman and Kaleb Fullbright


Mr. Carry Frey is one of many new teachers to arrive at Oakdale High this year. He has only been here for a semester, yet he has plenty of memories of his new workplace so far. He is a special educator here, a man who constantly works with a variety of students on a plethora of topics.

In his first semester at Oakdale, he taught English to juniors and science to freshmen, two very different topics to discuss.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Mr. Frey when asked about his feelings on teaching so far. “The kids work hard and the teachers work hard. I can see why this is one of the best schools.”

Mr. Frey had to adapt to a whole new school and curriculum, yet tackled the task head on. When asked his favorite thing about Oakdale, he replied: “ I like the fact I teach in the same community I live.” Surely, convenience is a major part of the enjoyment anyone can get from their job.

Many teachers in this school are fond of Mr. Frey and what he does. Ms. Julia Showalter, one of the teachers who worked with him last year, stated, “We co taught English 11 last semester, we worked really well together,” when asked what experience she has with him.

Mr. Frey helping his students

When asked what she learned from him she said, “The value of students knowing you respect them”.  

Asked about what she thinks of him so far, Ms. Showalter commented, “He’s very professional, very patient, and really cares about his students and that makes them respond to him.”

When asked if she would be willing to work with him again, she stated, “I hope we are and I think we’ll be together next year.”

Mr. Frey is a teacher who helps quite a bit around the school, and teachers and students alike respect him. He will continue to be a great teacher for years to come.