Creative Writing Adapts to Online Learning

Kadin Wetherholt and Phoenix Bingham

Creative writing, like many classes, has its changes during virtual learning. It is  an important class for young writers, but it is harder to grow as a writer without that fun community. Without others in the room, it is difficult to know the reactions of other students when sharing personal artwork. 


The most significant difference in creative writing during virtual learning is, “The loss of a writing community,” reported creative writing teacher, Julia Showalter. 


The sense of  community is exceptionally important to writers. The learning style has changed a bit as well. There are  “Fewer opportunities for peer review and workshop groups and rotations,” stated Ms. Showalter. 


Creative writing is dependent on feedback from peers. Virtual learning makes that feedback harder to achieve. Some things, however, haven’t changed all that much, such as teacher’s feedback, the lessons, the contests and publishing opportunities have remained the same. It’s good to have some consistency in these challenging times. Though it’s not more difficult, “it’s less enjoyable,” commented Ms. Showalter. 


The environment creative writing creates for students is a fundamental part of learning. It’s a safe space to be your best creative self. Students are still doing well in this course, “though maybe hoping it would be in person,” stated Ms. Showalter. Though it may not be more complicated , it would undoubtedly be much better in person.


All classes have gotten worse due to this version of learning. Although creative writing is handling it better than many other courses, they still have their issues. Though this class has changed a bit during online learning, “it’s notably worse in certain other classes,” commented, a Senior creative writing student, Megan Donovan. 


The instructions for most classes are a bit difficult to understand and harder to do without the classroom environment. Many students are struggling in most common core classes, but creative writing is adapting beautifully to this situation. “Instructions in this class are easy because most of the writing pieces are so open ended,” reported Senior creative writing student, Connor Mcfarland.


As classes are adapting to this new learning environment some students are finding most classes quite difficult. However, creative writing is still thriving. Though the peer reviews have dwindled and the sharing with each other is dying down this class is still providing a safe creative space for young writers. As influential as this class is in person it’s just as influential online because everyone still believes in one another’s abilities. These  students are still able to  thrive as young writers even though they cannot meet in person.