Dive Right In to High School Sports


Madeleine Verby, Writer

Whether it’s on a turf field, a gymnasium floor or even under the water, participation in athletics during one’s high school career adds a unique depth to the overall school experience.


Participation on a high school sports team assists students in becoming immersed in the school’s culture. Matt Mcnulty, a member of the Oakdale Men’s swim team says, “Student athletics allows students to further become part of their school community.”


Nothing is quite like the feeling of intensely pursuing a goal with a group of likeminded individuals, and the reward of capturing the goal after much sacrifice is even sweeter. However, one might say that the sacrifice of a social life and sleep that certain sports entail is not worth it.


James Verby of the Oakdale Men’s swim team deflects such, saying, “A couple hours of sleep doesn’t even compare to the feeling of winning.” He chuckled, and added, “You can sleep all you want after you win.”


The sense of accomplishment that comes along with winning can also benefit students in the classroom. Riding on the adrenaline of a good game, student athletes have the confidence and zeal to complete difficult assignments. Mcnulty reports that for him, “A good swim can keep me going for days.”


Not only can participation in a high school sport provide one with a sense of confidence in the classroom, but increase pride in one’s school.


“School pride makes for a more enjoyable high school experience. I mean if you love your school, you’ll love your experience,” corroborates Verby.


Participation in high school sports provides students with a myriad of benefits. After four years have come and gone, student athletes will be able to look back on their time fondly. Coming together with a group of people and working hard in the name of one’s school creates memories that will last for a lifetime.