Justin Friday,


In this season of giving and kindness Oakdale students have decided to dress their best for the yearly “Dress-ember” fundraiser. You may have seen young men and woman wandering the halls in their Sunday best, with dresses, ties and combed hair. The event is to raise awareness for human trafficking in the states and raise money for relief projects and help victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking has been a bigger issues than you may expect. Thousands of people are forced into sex trade and slavery every day. According to the Woman Samaritan, human traffickers worldwide gross more money than Microsoft and Apple combined! By raising awareness about human trafficking the Woman Samaritan hopes to help people spot human trafficking and prevent themselves from becoming victims. (Visit the Woman Samaritan website for more info http://thesamaritanwomen.org/)

According to Ms. Caitlin Patrick, NHS advisor – the group who is highlighting this charity- “It is incredibly easy to participate in Dressember, all you have to do is pledge to wear a dress, or if you’re a gentleman dress up, for all of December and sign up for the Dressember website to create a page to help stop human trafficking.”

Along with dressing their best, NHS has sponsored a female product drive in September and a paper goods drive in November. If you have any questions about how to participate in Dressember you could ask any of your classmates who signed up already or speak with Ms. Patrick.

“It’s a fun easy way to do the right thing,” says junior Bryce Krasauskis.