Emma Melton’s High School Success


Ryan Davis

Emma Melton using her free time to help a student in need

Ryan Davis

Emma Melton is a senior at Oakdale High School. Melton has had a successful high school career completing many accomplishments such as the leadership project, Mock trial, and near perfect grades. 


Emma plays for Oakdale girls varsity soccer. Being able to do this while also being able to balance many other extra curricular activities is an impressive feat that many high schoolers find hard to accomplish. Melton does it spectacularly. She states, “Commitment, perseverance, diligence, are the three things that you need to get through everything, preserve through everything.” 


Leadership is an important thing to have in life and Melton shows a lot of it in everything she does. “Emma is a tireless worker who is very creative in her problem solving abilities. She does not give up, and is a strong advocate for her classmates.” complimented Mrs. Heather Coridon, Mock Trial advisor. Melton has also recruited and coached new members, showing great skill in leadership.   


An example of this could be the latest season of the Mock Trial team. They did not have an advisor for the upcoming season. Coridon stated, “ Emma worked very hard to ensure we were able to continue fielding a team at Oakdale High School last season.” Emma has done so much to keep mock trial at Oakdale by working hard, finding an advisor, and coaching other students to be apart of it.”


One of Emma’s greatest accomplishments in high school has been Mock Trial. Mock Trial is  an extracurricular academic club where the students are given a collection of court documents and create a case in support of the prosecution or defense. Then in January and February Oakdale goes up against other high schools in the county at the courthouse downtown one night a week. 


This has given her a group of people to talk to and act as like a second family to her. This has helped her with public speaking and given her exposure to a career path for the future. Although Melton has had a great high school career, she has had to put a lot on the line. She explained,  “I get a lack of sleep, it’s hard work, and I have a passion for classes and extracurricular things. Drive to get things finished and need good time management.”


Melton has done great things and not only has she done things to make herself the best she can be but she is always helping other students in need. She already has such a time consumed day but when she has even ten minutes to spare she goes to her old classes and helps people who she can help.