Everything to know before Sabrina Carpenter’s tour



An album cover photo for “Emails I can’t send.

Emery Clark, Editor

On August 15th,2022 Sabrina Carpenter announced on Instagram that she was going on tour for her newest album Emails I can’t send. The album, which was released on July 15th, 2022, includes 13 songs. As of September 6th, 2022, her most popular song on Spotify is “Skinny dipping” with 19,148,511 streams, closely followed by “Fast Times” with 18,505,645 and “because i liked a boy” with 18,109,512 streams. The numbers continue to rise as Carpenter’s popularity grows.


She empathized, “I would hope that if someone had never listened to my music before, and they listened to this album, they would leave it feeling like they would know me better as a person.” 


At the 2022 MTV VMA’s, Carpenter exclaimed “I’m so grateful that people have really taken it[her song “because I liked a boy”] and made it their own and found a new meaning to the song than the one that I had. I think that’s the greatest thing about music, is they hear lyrics completely different than I intend them to.”


Gabrielle Norfolk, senior at Oakdale,  voices her opinion: “Olivia Rodrigo’s [album] is more sad and Sabrina Carpenter’s [album] is more bad blood.”


When asked if she would be interested in listening to the album, Norfolk responded, “I would listen to it.” 


As did Freshman Aine Corridon-Crum: “I’ve heard a few of them, [Sabrina’s new songs] they are good.”


In an interview with Vogue regarding her inspiration for the album, Carpenter comments, “Once the shutdown happened, I sort of went into this mode… I was like, ‘I’m going to start this process [of producing her new album].’” 


Later in the interview, Carpenter mentioned, “I was really writing everything that I was experiencing.”


At the time of Carpenter writing her album, a rumor of a love triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett, went around in 2021 when Rodrigo released her song “Driver’s License”. In the song Rodrigo sings, ”And you’re probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt.” 


Fans speculated that the “blonde girl” mentioned was Carpenter, when she and Bassett were spotted together in public in 2020, causing fans to assume they were dating. More songs were released by the three in 2021, which were assumed to be a part of the love triangle. In 2022, Carpenter released her album,  which led to fans taking sides between Bassett, Rodrigo and Carpenter. Carpenter started receiving an increasing number of hate comments. 


Corridon-Crum comments on the rumors: “Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett broke up because Olivia was too young.” Soon after Bassett and Carpenter got together. 


The three came out with albums about their points of view on the drama. Corridon-Crum went on, “[Carpenter] held it back and after Olivia and Joshua’s new album she’s like I’m not holding it back anymore.”


In the Vogue interview, Carpenter said, “One thing that experience [writing a new album] did do was that it stripped back a lot of layers of tolerating anything less than real, because I didn’t really have the energy to tolerate anything that was less than genuine and authentic at that time.” 


In an interview at the 2022 MTV VMA’s, Carpenter expressed, “there’s really nothing like the energy of being in person [during a concert].”

Carpenter has not gone on a tour in 5 years. The tour will start on September 28,2022  in Orlando, Florida, hitting 11 major cities along the east coast, including Baltimore, MD at Rams Head Live, on October 1st, and Washington, DC at the Lincoln Theater on October 7th .It will end on October 16,2022 in San Francisco, CA. The tour will consist of 12 stops total.