Fall Season Brings Exciting New Shows


by Emily Jerez

The change of season from Summer to Fall not only brings back Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but also brings back the best of Fall: all of the great TV shows.

Some shows that have come back for a new and riveting season are Grey’s Anatomy (May Dr. Derek Shepherd rest in peace), and American Horror Story: Hotel, starring the extraordinary Lady Gaga.

Some of the new shows that have entered the TV world are Scream Queens, Quantico, Blindspot (Tuesdays, 9 pm, on NBC) , and Blood and Oil (Sundays, 8pm, on ABC).

Scream Queens is a new show created by Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind the American Horror Story series. Starring Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, and Lea Michele, Scream Queens follows the lives of privileged sorority and fraternity college students who are being chased and killed one by one by a mystery man on campus. When watching this show viewers will be on the edge of their seats trying to figure out who is the killer behind the mask. Scream Queens airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on FOX.

Hunter Hale, an Oakdale High School Senior, is a big fan of this new original series. Hunter tunes in every Tuesday to watch the humorous twist on horror that is Scream Queens.

Hunter stated, “Scream Queens is one of my favorite shows. My favorite part is that it is a comedy show filled with scary parts. My favorite character is Lea Michele’s character of Hester because she is hilarious and will do anything to fit in. I recommend the show to everyone!”

Another great show this season is Quantico. OHS Junior Helen Contreras claimed, “Quantico was kind of boring at first, but after the first episode was over I was hooked. I believe my favorite thing about it is how viewers know that the terrorist is within the group of new agents and now we just try really hard to figure out who the terrorist is.”

If crime shows interest you, Quantico is the show to watch every Sunday at 9 pm on ABC. Quantico follows the lives of multiple people who are aspiring to be part of the FBI. The main character is named Alex Parrish portrayed by Priyanka Chopra (former Miss World 2000 winner and Bollywood star). As stated by Ms. Contreras, the main conflict within this show is that FBI is trying to find out who a terrorist is, and they believe that the terrorist is within the group of new FBI trainees.

American Horror Story has been on air every Wednesday at 10pm on FX for four seasons now. This season is called American Horror Story: Hotel, and in this season the whole setting is set in an old remodeled hotel. The hotel is filled with permanent residents who are vampires, addicts, or simply creepy! Any client who requests to stay at this hotel usually dies or is turned into a vampire. The hotel is run by the queen Vampire, Lady Gaga’s character, Elizabeth/ The Countess. Beware, this show is for mature audiences only!   

Madison Lawson a Senior at OHS has been watching American Horror Story since the first season started, “I love American Horror Story; it is one of my favorite shows! So far my favorite season has been American Horror Story: Coven, but things might change considering Lady Gaga is in this season!”  

It is not too late to start watching these new series, whenever you have spare time, binge watch on demand to catch up. It’s up to you, the viewers, to keep these great shows on the air.


The riveting cast of ABC’s new show, Quantico.

Photo courtesy of hollywoodreporter.com