Famous Figures Who Entered Politics


By Rachel Rice


Almost everyone has heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in Terminator and his endeavor into politics as the Governor of California, but what about the numerous other celebrities who have tried their hand at politics? What about ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic? What about Shirley Temple?  No one really knows how these people fare as politicians, so here is some information on 3 political careers you probably haven’t heard about.


Krist Novoselic

Originally registered as a Democrat, Novoselic is now unaffiliated with any existing political party but is highly involved in politics. His main cause is bringing the RVC voting system (also known as “instant runoff voting”) to replace our current one. RVC works by allowing voters to rank their top three choices instead of one, so that if their first choice is eliminated their vote goes to their second choice (grist.org). This allows for parties other than democrats and republicans to stand a greater chance than now.

Shirley Temple

The late Child Star Shirley Temple Black was a member of the Republican party and unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1967 (slate.com). She became the ambassador to Ghana in 1974 (theatlantic.com), much to the surprise of many American citizens and congressmen. She had a longer political career  than as an actress, but still many people refused to see her than anything more than that. Her heart for underprivileged people is almost unmatched and most agreed that her selection as ambassador proved to be a good decision. (theatlantic.com)


Clint Eastwood

A man of many talents, Clint Eastwood was not only an actor but also a director and mayor of Carmel, California (todaysinfo.net). He is a Republican who takes a strong stance in non- violence, despite controversy surrounding his popular film “American Sniper.”(thedailybeast.com) He has never voted for a democrat and considers himself to be neither right or left wing (theatlantic.com).


These are only a few of the mass of celebrities who have dove into the world of politics and will continue their political reigns in the future. No one knows what the future of politics will hold for celebrities either. Miley Cyrus for president anyone?