FBLA Going to States

FBLA Going to States

Madelyn Wilson, Writer

Oakdale’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is currently preparing for a large state competition. FBLA is an organization all over the country where students can improve their business skills and understand how businesses work as a whole. Oakdale’s FBLA is run by Ms. Leslie Lemon during SET.


Students get the chance to pick the type of business or organization they would like to focus on. Seniors Urja Kalathiya and Heidi Wurzer both decided to focus on sports and entertainment management. This gives them opportunities to learn in depth about this industry and improve their skills in teamwork.


With all of the amazing clubs and activities available at Oakdale, it may be difficult deciding what to join. Kalathiya explained her choice mentioning, “It seemed like a fun opportunity. I’m excited by the idea of competing at a state level!”


It isn’t an easy task to get to states though. Students must take a test and earn a high score to be able to participate in higher competitions. Wurzer commented, “I felt prepared for the test. I earned a score that qualified me for states. I’m very pleased!”


The students eligible for states are Robert Koehler, Aaron Nail, Ty Plate, Heidi Wurzer, Urja Kalathiya, Divina Bhatia, Daniel Hirshorn, and Alyssa Wright.


At states these students will participate in different competitions and team building activities which will grant them further knowledge about the business of their interest. Wurzer very excitedly mentioned, “It’ll be fun to be in a hotel and spend a few days doing fun activities! I really want to win!”


FBLA is a wonderful opportunity for students to compete, work as a team, and make friends while doing business-related activities. It teaches hard work and skills that will help these students as they move on to their future careers.