5 Annoying Things to Leave in 2014


by Madison Lawson

1. Happy
Thanks to Pharrell Williams, radios across the nation had this song on repeat for months. In November 2013, Williams released this song on his album, Girl, which didn’t peak until June 2014. With over 12 million copies sold, and topping charts in over 19 countries, “Happy”, had the world “clapping along” for what felt like centuries

“I swear that song plays every hour on Key 103.1,” said Junior Erika Benswanger, “At first I enjoyed the beat, and now I’m sick of it.”

Clearly, the nation will be much “HAPPY”-er with this song left behind in 2014.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Pharrell needs to go away
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Pharrell needs to go away
  1. Twitter Slang

“Bae’s shoe game is on fleek today.” “My bff just bought me Chipotle, she slays my entire life #goals #friendgoals #iloveher.”

If your tweets sound, or look remotely close to the ones above, please delete your account immediately. I’m just as guilty as you are on the Twitter slang, but with a new year, let’s leave all the ‘or nahs” and “Yaaas”-ing to where it originated, Vine.

  1. Playing with Flavor

Things are getting odd in the snack aisle! Nabisco, creators of the famous Oreo Cookie, have released an abundance of new flavors to the public. Some of these flavors include: banana split, peanut butter, caramel apple, watermelon, candy corn, red velvet, and birthday cake. Along with Nabisco, the creators of Lays Potato Chips, Pepsico, have added four new products to their flavor list – wasabi ginger, bacon mac & cheese, mango salsa, and cappuccino were released in early 2014 as the winners of the “Lays do us a flavor” contest.

“Do not eat the cappuccino chips,” said Junior Alye Kesselman,“They have a horrible aftertaste!”

Therefore, I think we can conclude that companies like Nabisco and Pepsico should stick to basic flavors in 2015. Its nice to see business’s get creative, but caramel apple Oreos… seriously?

  1.  Emoji Clothing

There is not much to say about this topic.

If you have any shirts, pants, jumpsuits, or hats with emojis on them, carefully burn them in a nearby fireplace. Thank-you.


All inhabitants of America

  1.  Frozen

No Anna, Elsa does not want to build a snowman! Since its release in November 2013, Frozen dominated pop culture in the following year. Its catchy songs and lovable characters exploded from the T.V screen, to the fashion scene. Elsa and Anna merchandise was sold worldwide, along with a widespread of children’s clothes and shoes. It even broke box office records by reeling in over $134 million dollars within twelve days of its release. More importantly, it had the world singing along to its sickening soundtrack which happened to reach number four on Billboard Top 200.

“When I first saw the movie, I thought it was cute,” said Junior Madison Ross, “But I don’t know why people obsessed over it, the storyline wasn’t that great.”

Overall, I’m going to take one for the team and suggest that we leave this infatuation in the past, its time to “Let it Go” people.