Reading into the Library


by Mckenna Whelan

The library here at Oakdale has a big selection of books, magazines, and music that could very much interest almost every student here.

Nic Curtis' Valentine
Nic Curtis’ Valentine

There are a lot of useful yet interesting tools to use for projects or just for fun. It’s not a bad idea to stop by the library and take a look around to find things you would not expect to find. You will learn that there are actually a lot of sources that could be new and exciting. When a student enters into the Oakdale library the books are very meticulously displayed.

The library has a very welcoming and comfortable environment, with all sorts of decorations that represent the season, upcoming holidays, or display art or projects made by students. There are books sorted and decorated in different themes with bright colors that  pop out and catch a reader’s eye. Books and such are categorized to make it at your convenience to find what you are looking for, or what you may be interested in reading.

The books are categorized by themes such as: Books to Movies 2015, Manga Comics, and Black History Month. The library takes pride in their creativity influencing students to read and attract students with their vivid environment.

Sometimes kids overlook all the library’s sources that can make projects and research convenient. Also kids don’t realize how much our school library offers or are not aware of all the interesting sorts that can be found in our library. They have an eclectic amount of books here at the library that are applicable to education and yet are magnetic and captivating.

The library isn’t just books either, they have newspapers and well known magazines like Seventeen Magazine, and Consumer Reports. Music is also offered, including some CD’s like Mozart and Beethoven. Audio tapes that includes Of Mice and Men, Beowulf, Lord of the Flies, and much more.

The library here at Oakdale has a big selection of  different wonders that each student should use to obtain sources at least once. The library can definitely benefit a student’s education and interests.