Grammy Bore


On Sunday, February 8th, the 57th Grammy Awards were a hit and miss for the entire night. There were twenty-three performances and only ten awards handed out over the course of the night, which could be more considered a televised concert than an award show, but all in all, there was a lot of controversy over a lot of different things. There was a lot to look at with crazy performances, beautiful outfits. However, singer-songwriter Sam Smith was the major winner of the night, receiving four Grammy awards for his album “In the Lonely Hour.”

Smith is quoted to say, after winning Record of the Year, “Thank you so much for breaking my heart, you got me four Grammy’s… Dear Lord, thank you so much, this is best night of my life.” The Grammy’s.

Older icons such as AC/DC, Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Tony Bennett performed alongside stars such as Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran and Hozier. With that mix of talent, the night was such to be a major hit, but not according to a lot of different people who had mixed feelings about how they felt about it.

People were disappointed with, for the length, how boring it was.

“There were only five exciting performances, but the rest were so boring.” Senior Anna Kleczek thought about the night. “But John Mayer did look really good. So, there’s that.”

Even though most people were waiting until the end to see Queen B slay the stage, everything kind of fell apart after Beck won Album of the Year.

I know, you’re asking, who? For such a year like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, and Sam Smith had, it was almost criminal that someone like Beck, who, yes, had an incredible year in his genre of music, won over musicians on that scale of popularity right now. The night is supposed to be about music, overall, not popularity. But shouldn’t we have been a little bit informed of who this guy was, for the younger audience, at least?

Kanye West thought so, and made his way to the stage to make a stunt like he pulled at the 2009 VMA’s, where he took the mic from Taylor Swift– only this time, it was Beck. But he refrained, and only made his way to be in the picture for a second before walking away. Good move, Kanye. Or maybe Beyonce did deserve to have the album of the year.

Overall, the night was almost a bust. Major names like Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, and Taylor Swift walked away Grammy-less (even though it’s predicted that Swift’s album, 1989, will basically trample everyone else at the 2016 Grammy’s).

-Emily Koogle