Fun Fridays are coming to Oakdale!


Ellie Smith, Editor

With the beginning of the new school year, Oakdale will be conducting “Fun Fridays” during the lunch shifts of two hour early dismissal days. The idea and production of this event is all thanks to the assistant principal, Ms. Kelly Kirby.


Kirby explains how she came up with Fun Fridays: “The two hour early dismissal days, we end up eating lunch around 9 o’clock, and most people aren’t ready for lunch at 9:00. So it was like, ‘what else could we do during that time?’”


“We also like to build positive school spirit and community, and coming together to do something fun, like the kindness rocks, cornhole… Just a good way to bring people together and celebrate Oakdale,” explains Kirby.


October 5th, the first Fun Friday, was a widespread success with the students. Activities like rock painting, therapy dogs, and ping pong were great stress relievers to help brighten the kids’ spirits for the rest of the short day.


She also mentions how it is beneficial to students if they want to make relationships outside of class in a shared activity. “Maybe they love to play ping pong, and they get a chance to do something they normally wouldn’t,” she suggests.


“It’s just an opportunity for fun.”


A sophomore who participated in the first official Fun Friday, Daisie Stein, comments on what kinds of things she’d like to see come to Oakdale for future Fun Fridays: “Maybe other types of animals that they could bring in, and maybe different people you can interview for careers, or something like that.”


Kirby also acknowledges what other kinds of events will be coming to Oakdale. Both she and Principal Donna Clabaugh seem to have a lot in store for the coming months. “We’ll have some of the same ones.. The therapy dogs will be back,” she mentions.


“Mrs. Clabaugh has some winter crafts in mind, instead of the coloring, cursive… we still have a bunch of rocks that didn’t get painted. A mix of what we’ve done, and some other fun things to come.”


Overall, Fun Friday seems to be coming together as a fun and exciting experience for students when the day is cut short. Be sure to get ready for the next Fun Friday coming at the end of November!