Geek-Out Greek-Out!


By: Brian Herman


Oakdale’s ever-expanding roster of classes will include an Intro to Greek course Fall, 2017. The teacher, Madeline Pearson, is ecstatic to be able to teach this subject. Intro to Greek simply requires taking Latin 1 and 2 prior.

“It’s a brief introduction to Ancient Greek grammar and Ancient Greek study,” Mrs. Pearson said.”It is not too difficult, but you have to learn a whole new alphabet.”

Ms. Pearson has wanted to start Intro to Greek for a long time, but it finally came to fruition. She already teaches Latin 1-4, AP Latin, and Latin club (AKA The Classics club).

“I have wanted to start the class for several years, and the whole idea was completed just now. Anyone who enjoys language and mythology should take the class.”

Many students have already shown interest in joining. One such student is Liam Popkin, a freshman who has just finished Latin 1 and 2.

“I thought the class would be cool,” Popkin stated

Popkin is someone who enjoys the Mythology of Greek Culture and has had fun with his prior classes with Ms. Pearson.

“She makes class fun, and is entertaining.”

As it is a major part of the class, both Ms. Pearson and Popkin commented on what entices them about Greek Culture

“It is fascinating how the Greeks used myths to explain natural events,” Ms. Pearson said.

“There are lots of fun stories, and how they come up with them is cool,” Popkin commented.

Overall, it seems the plenty of people involved are excited about the upcoming class. Greek culture has always been fairly popular, and having a class about this topic may lead to great things.