Getting the Job


Getting the job done artical

by: Kara Benoit

When school ends and summer begins most teens start looking for their first job. However, many teens don’t know all that a job can offer, which one is right for them, or how to find one. Teens need a plan for finding the right job.

Teens take summer jobs for many reasons. Mostly, it’s to earn their first paycheck, but jobs have other positives that are important to consider. Certain jobs can be a learning opportunity to gain real world skills and to test out future careers.  Additionally, they look good on resumes and are the first taste of independence.

“I liked my jobs (as a teenagager) because I learned about customer service, and it has helped me with my life now. But I wish I would have gotten a job tied to enter a job field I was interested in,” recounts FCPS Teacher Megan Kuhns at Oakdale Middle.

It’s important for teens to think about what they want in a job before going to look for one. If they don’t they might end up in a boring and unsatisfying job. It is recommended for teens to write down their expectations. For example, they should consider how much time and effort they are willing to commit. It’s equally important to keep distance in mind depending on what transportation is available to the teen.

Salary should also be considered; most teenagers will earn minimum wage, which is $8.00 per hour because that is what is normally paid in the service industry, where many teens are. On July, 1, 2015 it increases to  $8.25. It’s important for teens to be aware of the likely to find job.

The best time for a teen to find their summer job is before the summer begins. Teens should also be prepared before their first interview with a resume and confidence. Teens can use their connections with friends and family both online and offline to help them find local jobs and to help them get into a job. Classified ads in local newspapers and online search sites may also be helpful in their search.

A first job is an important step in a person’s life, and an exciting one too. It’s equally important that the job can be one that a teen can be successful and comfortable in. That’s why it’s not just necessary to find a job, but look for the job and know how to do it makes all the difference.