Getting To Know Our Administrators- Mrs. Lindsey Donnally


by Riley Gill

This year at Oakdale, the teaching staff has welcomed eight new teachers to the team, including one of the new assistant principals, Mrs. Lindsey Donnally. Mrs. Donnally transferred to Oakdale this year after several years of employment at Frederick High School as a math teacher and HSA specialist.

Before working at Frederick, Mrs. Donnally worked as an 8th grade math teacher at Crestwood Middle School, which she began in August 2005. After three years at the middle school level, she decided to get certified in teaching high school courses. Her first major, though, was in elementary education with a focus in mathematics at the University of Delaware. She later went on to receive her master’s in Educational Leadership at Hood College.

“I went for it,” said Donnally, when asked why she decided to move up to the high school level.

When asked about her new start at Oakdale, Mrs. Donnally was extremely excited about the transition: “I’ve really enjoyed seeing the new programs that are run here,” she claimed.

When asked about the differences between Frederick and Oakdale, she responded with, “It’s different in every way, especially the facilities…the staff at Oakdale goes above and beyond.”

Her transfer to the administrative aspect of the educational system has been eye-opening: “You become the decision maker; you see the big picture. I’m lucky to have such an experienced and welcoming staff to support me in the change. It’s a top-notch community”.

The new assistant principal is looking forward to her new career at Oakdale along with the various new opportunities it brings to the table. Welcome to the Den, Mrs. Donnally!


Mrs. Donnally, OHS’s new assistant principal smiles for the camera.