Girls Varsity Soccer looks to States


Ann Marshall

Oakdale girls varsity soccer vs Manchester Valley at the Oakdale High School Stadium

Kiley O’Grady, Writer

 The Oakdale Girls varsity soccer season is starting up and the team is more than prepared to show Oakdale what they’ve got this season.


This soccer team has been working hard whenever they step onto the field, whether it is a game or practice, they put 100% effort into everything they do. 


For this season, Genna Vinal, Reagan Plate, and Hannah Lebo are all captains on the team and they are doing an amazing job at being great role models for the team. 


Gwenn Ladd, a Junior at OHS states, “We all love and look up to our captains because they help motivate and encourage us”.


 Being a strong team leader is a very hard job, especially when there are hardships but these girls are keeping the team motivated and pushing them to put their greatest effort in everything they do on the field. 


This team will have many tough components but it is predicted that Tuscarora High School and Linganore High School will be their toughest components this year. 


“I think our biggest rivalry is going to be Tuscarora,” Hannah Clagett, a Senior at OHS states. 


“They’re a really good team this year and they’re going to be the team to beat.”.


Over the years, Linganore has been one of Oakdale’s toughest opponents but Clagett and the team beg to differ for this season. 


In addition to working their hardest this season, this team as a whole has a goal of their own and that is to not only make it to states but to win it as well. 


In order to achieve this goal, Clagett claims, “If we continue to keep giving 110% the minute we step onto the field I think that will determine our success”. 

Maeve Wall, a Sophomore at OHS adds on, “In order to have the best success possible, our team will need to continue working hard in practice and always give it our all when out on the field.” 


These goals will be key steps to achieving their ultimate goal.Winning states would be an amazing occurrence for this amazing team who have already come so far, but there could be some interference. Covid could have an impact on the team’s season depending on exposure, safety, and awareness. 


Ladd states, “Most of our players are smart when it comes to their surroundings so I don’t think we will have any covid issues but it is always a worry”.


 Thankfully, sports administrators are doing everything they can to allow these athletes to have a fun and successful season.