Go Mediterranean!


Ella Ward

Dr. Ancel Keys and his colleagues have been the first to coin the Mediterranean diet; a diet that is heart-healthy and benefits a wide range of diseases.


The Mediterranean diet includes foods such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, including olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids from fish and is known to be heart-healthy. On this diet, there is a limited intake of  red meat, added sugars, refined grains or oils, and other highly processed foods.


Tenth grader, Shannon Roth, claims that going on a diet is “eating in moderation.” She also states, “People go on a diet usually to better themselves.”


This heart-healthy method decreases heart disease by lowering levels of bad LDL cholesterol and reducing mortality from cardiovascular conditions. It has been credited with a lower likelihood of certain cancers, like breast cancer, as well as conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. It is suggested  that eating this way offers effects for those diagnosed or at risk for type 2 diabetes. Mediterranean eating improves blood sugar control in those already diagnosed, suggesting it would be a good way to manage the disease.


There are many reasons why the Mediterranean diet is recommended and encouraged.  For example, it is doable and is easy to stick with because the whole family can enjoy and stick to it wherever you go (to a restaurant for dinner or a family event).


“It is an appealing diet that one can stay with for a lifetime,” Dr. Cohen says.



People can eat what they love. With a plethora of whole, fresh foods available as an options, there are many ways to tweak the meals. For instance, instead of making a mushroom and pepperoni pizza, a pizza piled with veggies and topped with cheese would be a great replacement. These tweaks increase the volume of meals for fewer calories.


In conclusion, the Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy and protects people from certain diseases. The diet can be favorited amongst the family as the meal can be tweaked to fit to a liking.