Greys Anatomy Season 17 Premiere


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The original cast members of “Greys Anatomy,” America’s longest running primetime medical drama.

Nicholas Moyer, Editor

America’s longest running primetime medical drama, “Greys Anatomy” has  longtime fans excited for the return of the show and its  familiar faces. Season 17 premiered Thursday, November 12th. 


Last season fans were devastated after the original cast member Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) announced he would be leaving the long time drama, leaving only three of the series original cast members: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), and James Picken Jr. (Richard Webber). 


In the season premiere, the show faced the Coronavirus pandemic, portraying what it’s like for the real life heroes during this pandemic. Originally, the series writers debated whether they should include the virus in the new season;they determined they would tell the stories of the medical professionals and that it would be disrespectful if the show ignored it. 


Fans had mixed feelings about the season including the Coronavirus. 


“I like how they’re tackling the corona virus since they are giving recognition to health care workers,” new fan Suhane Tandon, a Sophomore, explained.  


Others like Senior Jensen Ritter disagreed, “I wish they would’ve personally avoided it because I understand it is a huge problem right now but it’s just not what the show was about and it has changed so much and it will never be the same.” 


Even though they have mixed feelings about the theme of the season, they are still excited that the show was able to get another season, and they can continue to watch Meredith Grey’s (the main character) journey. Recently, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) has discussed leaving the show or ending it, giving fans the ending of her story.


 In the Thursday night premiere fans were shocked at a familiar face who had not been on the series since season 11. Meredith’s original love interest “McDreamy” made a return to the series. Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) died in season eleven, leaving the show for what fans thought was for good. 


The scene unfolded after Meredith passed out in the parking lot, following her work in the COVID unit all day. She then awoke on a beach with Derrick, leaving many fans speculating what was to come. 


Some believed Meredith died-or only died for a short period of time-and some believe she was just hallucinating. Many fans speculate that the audience will see many more cast members who left the show coming up with theories about how actors like Sandra Oh (Christina Yang), Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens), T.R. Knight (George O’Malley), and even Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) could return and make one last appearance on the series. 


The speculations were increased when most of the actors IMDB was updated to starting on the show until 2020. 


Whoever returns it will for sure be a season to remember. Watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” on ABC, Thursday nights at 9:00 PM.