Halloween During Covid-19


Chloe Carlton

Lilly Carlton, Alissa McPhee, and Katlynn McPhee dressing up as ghosts for Halloween.

Chloe Carlton, Writer

Halloween: the time of year that can only be associated with costumes, candy, and stores putting up their Christmas products way too early. But this year it will be a little different. The Covid-19 pandemic is still widely spreading through the USA. Which poses the question: How are kids going to celebrate this holiday? 


Everyone has a favorite part about this holiday and it’s traditions. Some like carving pumpkins. Some like putting up the spooky decorations, or maybe even pretending to be a scary clown and scare everyone.


Despite the widespread pandemic, the Spring Ridge community board has allowed trick-or-treating to still take place, business as usual. However, many kids are taking up alternatives to trick-or-treating. 


Lilly Carlton, sophomore at Oakdale High School, is instead “having a sleepover with her friends”.  While not many kids, Carlton included, can think of better ways to safely keep the tradition alive, most are just happy to be able to have each other’s comfort in this troubling time of quarantine. 


Many of the kids in Spring Ridge this year are not planning on going trick-or-treating, and are planning on  eating candy at a sleepover while watching scary movies.

Most kids this year are sad that they can’t dress up and walk around with friends. Fortunately enough, the halloween spirit is still high and even though kids have to break tradition this year, they still are making sure to celebrate the holiday safely with their friends.